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I have taken away two buttons from the menu and added a new one called Weekly Scores.
This button takes you to a page with all the weekly Scores from each Tour so you can
keep a check on the scores from each week from the start of the Tours to the end.
Obviously with just starting it not all of the weekly results are shown.
It will be updated every Sunday night after each week finishes and a new one starts.
This option needs your cooperation each Tour must finish by 11-30 pm UK time, 6-30 pm Eastern Time,
this makes time to take the pictures of each finished Tour and update the website accordingly.
I know I finish doing the Website shortly but perhaps Pad & Sunta could keep this ongoing it is a good idea.

This idea of showing the Scores for each week came from TIG_Rocco.Nice one Rocco thank you very much.
Host Name: tigercatsgolfclub.ventrilo4.com
                                                   Port No:     4855
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