King Of The Jungle Rules

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The King Of The Jungle Golf Tour Rules

(1) The King Of The Jungle Is an 18 hole round per day played over 16 weeks.
(2) Only 4 score days or less than 4 score days count In this Tour in any one week.
(3) Delete your worst score days for the week if you played more than 4 days so only 4 of your highest score days are showing.
(4) You do not need to play all 7 days.But to have the chance of reaching the play-off you will need to play at least 4 days.
(5) There will be 8 or 12 players that will Go through to the Final play-off depending on the support the Tour recieves.
(6) There will be no bye's given if there are only 8 players in the play-off.
(7) To keep the score board nice and tidy could you please try and play the days in order.This is not mandatory but a request.
Note:  The more days you play in any week the Better the chance you have of getting a high score in one of your days to get you to the playoff.Good luck to everyone who takes part in the Tour.

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