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Help File For Installing Links 2003 On Windows 10. Created By TIG_Sunta
First time Installation Instructions
Author TIG_Sunta 2020-05-16

Some people as I did myself are experiencing installation hiccups, graphic hiccups. I created this file so the average golfer can
do their installation in the sequence that is most ideal and preempt any issues. The most important to note is the first time you
actually run Links 2003 is to immediatly set your fullscreem to windowed mode. Otherwise, during some further installations and
configurations if you are in full screen you will not only not hear the windows promt if your setting are turned off to notify you
by sound. You will further not even see the prompts which will time out and deny access to Links 2003. Accesses which you require!

Note: If you intend to play with other golfers your router needs to be setup ideally first so all your connections ingame go smoothly
You will need to eventually install Courses, Mops, Ani's ect. so you will have to have your system to SHOW HIDDEN FILES
Go to any windows explorer window and choose View at the top then Options then choose Change file and folder option on the View tab click Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Router Instructions and DirectPlay Settings
1. DirectX 9c which is a legacy version needs to be allowed as Links 2003 uses this legacy version
Go to Setting Apps & Features and scroll all the waaay down to the bottom of the right page to Related Settings/Programs and Features
Choose Turn Windows Features on or off
Scroll down and click the plus + sign on Legacy Commponents and ensure DirectPlay is ticked
2. Your ports in your router need to be opened through the firewall and you will want your router to be setup with static IP's
In PortForwarding configure for BOTH TCP and UDP Port 2300 to 2400 with your static IP address of your computer
In PortForwarding configure for BOTH TCP and UDP Port 6073 to 6073 with your static IP address of your computer
In PortForwarding configure for BOTH TCP and UDP Port 47624 to 47624 with your static IP address of your computer

For information on how to configure the ports in your router refer to your router documentation or refer to

Installation Instructions
3. Run(ideally unpack/copy the .exe file inside the .zip to a location outside of the zip) and run Links2k3_Down.exe
- you will receive a message from windows in regards to running an unknown program say yes
- you will get a promt from windows firewall say yes
- you may get a message from your antivirus software say yes
Just Say YES to all any any promts you see

4. Do not proceed with the Links updates or nvidia patch yet. You need to change your fullscreen mode to windowed screen so
you can see important windows firewall prompts and antivirus prompts in order to quickly say yes before they time out.
- Go to Windows start 2k Games/Links 2003 and RIGHT click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (always say YES to the prompt)
- In game choose Options/Graphic Settings/Display Mode and choose Window (you can change it later when your all done and ready to play)

Note: I'm going to say it again. You need to say yes to prompts and you will miss them if you are in Full Screeen so be in Window Mode
Do not play the game yet or go into any other settings

What! You missed the promts! Okay this is what you missed out on and are known issues
-exit Links 2003
- Type in Search Firewall click and open Windows Defender Firewall
- Choose Allow an apps or feature through Windows Defender Firewall and scroll to see if Links 2003 was added to your Private Network (should be private only and not both. If your set up as public well thats your choice then click both in case you ever change it to private)
- If it wasnt added all is greyed out till you click Change settings then you can choose Allow another app... enter the path below and click okay
 C:\program files (x86)\2k games\links 2003\linksmmiii.exe
Note: If you happened to choose the path yourself and it has appersands (&) then they MUST be removed

- Choose the up arrow in the Windows Defender Firewall and now click Advanced setting
- sort your list by name in Inbound Rules and you should have TWO rules that have been created
- if you dont have them we will create them now and if you do have them make the changes needed
- New Rule\Program\ (put this link in) C:\program files (x86)\2k games\links 2003\linksmmiii.exe
- choose \Allow the connection then only have Private ticked (should be private only and not both. If your set up as public well thats your choice then click both in case you ever change it to private)
- Name your connection Links 2003 and click Finish open the connection you just made and in Protocols and Ports/Protocol Type choose TCP
- create another exactly the same but after you Finish and reopen the connection you just made and go to Protocols and Ports/Protocol Type choose UDP
- two allowed exception rules need to be added to you antivirus program/software if they are not there
- C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\LinksLauncher.exe
- C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\LinksMMIII.exe

5. Run Links2k3_1.02 patch/1.05 patch and lastly the 1.07 patch.

6. There are known issues with onboard video and I'll say its a must to purchase even a cheap $70 video card as I've done for someones system
- Further, any nVidia cards need to run this patch after your Geforce drivers are installed
- Run Links2k3_nvidia_win7_FINAL.exe

7. Need a shortcut on your desktop
- go to your start menu find links2003 and right click and go to more then click open file location
- in win10PRO its at C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\2K Games\Links 2003

again on the Links 2003 shortcut right click choose Desktop (create shortcut)

8. Now Run your game and go to Online/Direct connection and a window will come up to create your connection name e.g. playername_connection

Courses - PolyAni - Mops - Player - Skies - Wavs Installation Instructions

9. To install Courses which you can see what courses you have by going to Options/Course Manger/ which will show you clearly where your courses are by filename, size, file location and path are located
- if you choose to add a course/s it will ask you for a location Drive then directy
- upon drilling down from drive and folders to your saved course/s you get a choice to create a LINK ONLY or it can COPY
 the course to your Course folder rather than just create a reference link to another drive or partition
- MOPS copy to C:\ProgramData\Links 2003\Mops
- PolyAni copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\PolyAni
- add to C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\skies
- add to C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\WAVS
- add Players if you have some files given to you to C:\Users\yourname\Downloads\golf archive\Players
- the players folder has three types of files in the folder a .jpg , .ibo , .PIN if you create a new player created are the .PIN and .ibo (you can add a .jpg if you want to)
e.g TIG_playername.PIN and Matt setting creates Matt1111.ibo and Matt11314.ibo
which is the result of the choice from Golfer Model/Matt and Photo/Matt results respectively

- add PolyAni files to C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\PolyAni
.L3 is on your personal machine?

for a new player profile what is created is a .jpg,
Model is the L3 file e.g. White Tiger.l3
put in C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Links 2003\PolyAni
How to hack the registry for Links 2003 resolutions.
Installation Instructions
install and run Ventrillo
- add Avatars to your ventrillo avatar folder

where to put a downloaded MOP file (you need to have your system to SHOW HIDDEN FILES...see beginning for instruction)
- download a MOP from internet
- when you start a multiplayer game you can ask permission from another play to search his MOP files and copy it to your game files
i i create a game and i dont have the mop i can ask permission to another player files and choose one and add it to your machine
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